Workshops 3-12 June

Ezgi Turmus Binici from Türkiye wasn’t able to come to Stockholm because of visa problems. We are very sad about that, but…

We would instead like to offer you a number of workshops on the same dates and on similar themes, led by Malin Backström & Annika Pahlén, and guest teachers Francesco Ritmico & Johanna Stadtler from Freiburg, Germany.  (See the programme & presentations below.)

All workshops  will take place at Studio Touch in central Stockholm (Väringgatan 25, T-bana St Eriksplan).


11.00-13.00 WS 1: ”Somatic Movement for tango dancers” – soft and effective body awareness exercises on a mat.  Followed by a tango class on the theme: ”Connection, embrace and qualities of movement”. (Malin & Annika) (All levels welcome)

14.00-15.30 WS 2: How to change your way of dancing (quality, technique, connection) depending on the music. (Malin & Annika) (Intermediate-Advanced)

20.00-00.30 Milonga Tipica Victor (social dance suggestion, organized by Tango08)


11.00-12.30 WS 3: Take your giro to a new level! How to get more connection, cooperation and dynamic in the giro. (Malin & Annika) (Advanced)

13.30-15.00 WS 4: Sacadas. How to initiate, implement and receive  sacadas – in both leading and following. (Malin & Annika) (Advanced)


17.00-18.30 WS 5: Rhytmic adornos – what to do and how to fit it into the music. (Malin) (Intermediate-Advanced)

18.45-20.15 WS 6: How to dance on a table (or in a very crowded milonga) – and enjoy it! (Malin) (Advanced)

20.30- Practica time/social hangout at Studio Touch and/or at the local pub.

MONDAY 12/6:

18.00-19.30 WS 7: Body awareness in open role tango. Active following (without back-leading) requires listening leadership. Forms and figures of the leading person can be creatively co-created especially via consciously applied qualities of movement. (Francesco Ritmico & Johanna Stadtler from Freiburg, Germany)

200 SEK or 20 Euro / workshop
700 SEK or 70 Euro / full weekend (ws 1-4)

You register by sending an e-mail to Write your name and contacts, which workshops you want to register for and which role/-es you dance.  If you dance both roles you don´t have to register with a partner! If you only dance one role, bring a partner or ask us to help you find one.

Malin Backström

Tango teacher and dancer, with a special focus on contact and communication. She is a leading figure in queer and double role dance, and also runs Studio Touch.

Annika Pahlén

Physiotherapist, certified in Somatic Movement, yoga teacher and dedicated tango dancer with a focus on body awareness and physical sustainability.

Francesco Gatti & Johanna Stadtler,

living and working as tango-coaches in Freiburg/Germany, consider double-role-tango as one of the most precious possibilities to detect and deepen an authentic connection within the couple. If both dancing partners listen carefully to each other, the evolution of embrace-quality during one song is like the cloud-colours during sunset: you surely can tell afterwards, that something has changed, but you can’t really tell, when the changing moments exactly happened. Francesco and Johanna provide methods and perspectives to facilitate such beautiful processes.